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1. Cardio setting is engineered to supercharge your metabolism and sculpt a lean physique without the need for endless cardio!

2. Strength setting focuses on full-body resistance training and muscle toning, all without the need for heavy weights.

Turn conventional training on its head!

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Who is Chris and Why He Built leanSuits?
Meet Chris! He’s our superstar coach who’s had his fair share of slips and spills. He has been able turn his mishaps into his life mission – by discovering a fun and effective way to bounce back from pain and get you back on your feet, feeling fitter and stronger than ever before. With over 24 years of coaching, he’s baked all his wisdom into LeanSuits Fitness. 
This system takes all the boring bits out of training and gets it done safely in just 20 minutes by using electrical stimulation to get your muscles working in a way not traditionally possible. LeanSuits is the fruit of 5 years of research and development. They are world leaders in the EMS game, thanks to wireless tech, fun exercises, and small group workouts. Oh, and did we mention that Chris has been the go-to coach for over 20 Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes? He’s trained champs from all sorts of sports, like rugby, basketball, Crossfit Games, and boxing. Impressive, right? So come on over to LeanSuits! Where he has got the coolest tech, the most exciting workouts, and, of course, Chris. He’s ready and excited to guide you on your fitness journey, helping you bounce back to health and be at your best fitness in no time. Join him where fun and fitness come together like never before!
Christopher J. Miller
Rock Star Reviews from our fitness fanatics
Jock, 34, Quantity Surveyor

“It’s The Busiest I’ve Ever Been At Work And As A Result I Had To Drop My Regular Training Routine. I’ve Replaced My 6 Regular 1 Hour Gym Or Running Sessions With 3 X 20min Sessions At LeanSuits Fitness And I Am Actually Fitter And Feeling Better Overall. No Aching Joints From Lifting, No Knee Pain From Running, But I’m Feeling Fit And Strong. LeanSuits Fitness Has Been Awesome.”

Mitch, CEO

I’ve previously had surgery on my back for chronic pain from a disc injury. I’ve tried all sorts of rehabilitation and training and nothing has worked that could get me back to training and feeling fit again. My mate took me along to LeanSuits Fitness as he had a long history of injuries too. It sounded a bit bizarre about putting on suits and getting a full body tens machine type thing happening from the suits, but I was hooked after the first session.

Lachie, 38, Business owner

After training with Chris in 2021 I was able to avoid further surgery on my shoulder (I previously had 2 x shoulder recons 12 years ago from rugby), and I was also able to cancel the neck and lower back surgery I had planned due to long term chronic pain from disc injuries.

John, Self Employed, Father

A few changes led to some big results for John, a 38 year old father and businessman.
A loss of 2.1kg of subcutaneous fat mass (the stuff under your skin!)
A loss of 700 grams of visceral fat mass (the fat around your organs. Normally very hard to lose and affects insulin sensitivity amongst other things).

After holidays and the kids returning to school, we managed to get him back to consistent eating patterns and added in LeanSuits sessions to his training routine.
No dieting. Just regular eating patterns.

No crazy training, just his usual routine of 1 gym per week, 2 bike rides, walking the kids to school and 5 LeanSuits sessions in the last 16 days.
I’ve been coaching for 23 years now, and this is the most effective and efficient training device I’ve used.
Coach Chris.

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