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Chris Miller

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You just found the ultimate Fitness-Tech in a Wireless Suit. Transform your fitness journey and experience the power of EMS suits!

Revolutionizing Fitness, One Electrical Impulse at a Time ⚡ 

There are two unique training settings at LeanSuits Fitness

1. Cardio setting is engineered to supercharge your metabolism and sculpt a lean physique without the need for endless cardio!

2. Strength setting focuses on full-body resistance training and muscle toning, all without the need for heavy weights.


This system takes all the boring bits out of training and gets it done safely in just 20 minutes by using highly targeted electrical stimulation to get your muscles working in a way not traditionally possible, allowing you to torch a staggering 700-1000 calories in less than half an hour.

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The program design ensures:
A $1,213 Value For Just $647
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LeanSuits Fit-MAS 6-Week Special ⚡ 

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With our highly personalized coaching program, you’ll gain confidence, conviction, and Fitness. Feel the Power of Change! 
What do our previous Challengers have to say about the Program
Here are the (gross) photos before, and the (very decent) photos after 8 weeks of training twice per week. I missed one week and have done no other exercise routine other than LeanSuits Fitness (and running around for my daughter as usual). I am Loving it! 
Margaret, 46 years young
A few changes led to some big results! A loss of 2.1kg of subcutaneous fat mass (the stuff under your skin!) A loss of 700 grams of visceral fat mass (the fat around your organs. Normally very hard to lose and affects insulin sensitivity amongst other things). The results of consistent eating patterns and adding in LeanSuits sessions to his training routine. No dieting. Just regular eating patterns. No crazy training, just his usual routine of 1 gym per week, 2 bike rides, walking the kids to school, and 5 LeanSuits sessions in the last 16 days.
John, A 38-Year-Old Father And Businessman.
Imagine What 6 Weeks Can Do For YOU!
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you want to:

  • Lose fat
  • Tone Up
  • Work smarter, and harder
  • Reduce your training time
  • Get great coaching

Sessions are 20 – 25 minutes (sometimes we get excited!). And we finish all sessions off with our unqiue one of a kind full body Lymphatic Massage! 

Absolutely. Our custom-made suits are Grade 1 medical devices in Europe. Additionally, all of our coaching staff undergo over 50 hours of training before they are allowed to become a LeanSuits Coach. 

Of course! We take hygiene and your comfort very seriously. All suits undergo a 4-stage cleaning process before they are re-used. Our ENTIRE studio is cleaned on a twice-daily basis. 

Step out of your comfort zone
And challenge yourself to a merry FIT-MAS !
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