So, what is EMS training?

EMS training is the smarter way to train. It’s a full-body, active workout that uses our wireless LeanSuits to stimulate muscle fibres while you exercise, causing muscle tissues to work harder and more effectively. Our LeanSuits activates 90% of your muscle fibres, compared with just 30% during old-fashioned training. This means you can get a complete workout in just 20 minutes, not hours.

No, our LeanSuits aren’t uncomfortable or painful.

Sure, you’ll feel the burn while exercising, but it’s the good kind of pain.

Sure is! Unless you’re pregnant, have a pacemaker, or have severe medical conditions, our LeanSuits are safe for everybody.

You won’t be using complex weight machines or heavy barbells, meaning our training is gentle on your joints and perfect for those with any niggles or injuries.

Because we are the experts.

We have years of expertise and knowledge with everything health and fitness, meaning we individually program our LeanSuits just for you to get the best results. It’s something you’ll only get here, and we are not “one size fits all”.

Also, our suits are wireless, giving you more freedom to move.

We sterilise our LeanSuits after every use in our specialised Ozone Chamber. So, you’ll get a hygienically clean LeanSuit every session.

Wire-free undergarments or swimwear.

A clean towel.

A drink bottle.

• It’s the future of fitness.

• It’s the most effective way to work out.

• It’s more cost and time effective than traditional training.

• Class sizes are a maximum of four, allowing for a more personalised experience.

• It doesn’t just get you fit. It improves your overall health and helps with everything from sleep to muscular discomfort.

• Every session ends with a two-minute lymphatic massage, which is both rejuvenating and helps drain fat.

• It works 300 muscles at the same time.

Yes, we can book you in for a free introductory class right now so you can come in and experience what we’re all about. You’ll love it!

Don’t worry. Everybody gets a little nervous trying something new. But our expert trainers will make you feel comfortable no matter your fitness level and put you at ease in no time. We promise you’ll leave feeling confident and looking forward to your next session.

You could start off doing just one, but we recommend 2 x 20-minute sessions a week. Over time you can build up to 3 sessions a week.

You’ll be fitter, stronger and leaner in as little as six weeks.

Loads. Despite being a futuristic bit of tech, there are years of research and proven results backing up all our claims.

There are over 4500 studios across Europe, with a surge in popularity within the United States.

• It’s wireless.

• It’s safe.

• We have a range of sizes, so there’s a LeanSuit that fits you.

• You get a hygienically cleaned suit every session.

• Our LeanSuits are connected to a central hub via Bluetooth, which tracks your progress.

• Your trainer can make adjustments throughout your workout.